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Madras HC disposes plea seeking reservation for transpersons in education, govt jobs


The Madras Supreme Court has settled a Public Interest (PIL) proceeding seeking transgender bookings in education and public services. Judge Munischwar Nas Bandari and Judge N. Mara filed a case after the Tamil Nadu Government notified the court that the best possible reservation facilities were already available to transgender people in the state. Was terminated. The court said that the best reservations for transgender people already existed and overturned the objections.

The case was processed by P. Sudha, an Indian transgender initiative. The Legislature informs the court on April 6, 2015 that a Government Presidential Order (GO) was issued to consider transgender candidates in the lowest class (MBC) category in education and public employment. Did. Collectors were asked to issue a transgender certificate for the Most Backward Class (MBC) category.

Transgender Reservation

Government Order issued after the Supreme Court ordered the Center and State Government to treat transgender as a socially and educationally underdeveloped class and issue reservations on April 15, 2014. it was done.

Court also reveals that transgender candidates holding a Scheduled Castes (SC) or Scheduled Tribe (ST) certificate in December 2017 may also fall into these categories. I was informed that I did. People who do not belong to any community will automatically receive reservations for the MBC category.

It has also been clarified that transgender people who fall into categories other than SC / ST / MBC can apply for that particular category or MBC category. This can be done after deciding which of the two is more beneficial to them in education and public services.

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