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LOVE IN 2023 by Shreya Sinha


It was the month of January and as usual Jenny was doing her work at Whitlocks place. While Mr and Mrs Whitlock were enjoying their morning tea in the garden.

A voice was heard. Jenny thought that someone had broken into the house. She went to the garden and informed Senior Whitlocks. Laughter burst out as she said so. Jenny was all confused. Then Mr Whitlock in a sarcastic way said that since she’s new in the house that’s why she didn’t understand.

“He is our son, the young Whitlock, Sid Whitlock, and he has come back home, after a year or so, from his med school. And he’s like this only…always making noise.” said Mrs Whitlock.

Jenny was now relieved to know that he was none other than his own master’s son. She took her cleaning instruments and continued doing her chores.

Jenny was a 17 years old girl with blue eyes. Last year, in March 2022, her parents died in a car accident. And ever since she’s been working as a house help at Whitlocks. Academically she was a bright student and she wished to continue her studies too. As she had no one by her side, she gave up the notion of studying further. But little did she know that life will magically change for the better.

Sid was 19 years old and the only son of Mr and Mrs Whitlock. He never wished to pursue medicine but soccer. Well, his parents never supported the notion of choosing sports over academics. Thus, Sid ended up in a med school.

Sid saw Jenny doing the household chores and as soon as he saw her eyes, he was into her. Yes, it was love at first sight. He went to her and tried to initiate a conversation.

After such a long time, someone was actually talking to her. Otherwise, Teddy was her only friend.

The conversation went for a couple of minutes. And as a matter of fact, Jenny could easily smell the fragrance of love. But somewhere she knew that she didn’t deserve the attention of a rich lad. Nevertheless, she kept talking to him for the following weeks.

Silvery white moonlight sprinkled on the ground and the night’s aroma pervades the air. Jenny sitting all by herself was looking at the sky.

“The night is beautiful!” said Sid.
“Yes.” said Jenny.

And as soon as Jenny turned back to take a look at Sid. She was all surprised. Sid was kneeling down and a red rose was in his hand. Behind Sid, there were Senior Whitlocks cheering. Jenny couldn’t believe it all.

Sid proposed to her. And Jenny with a shy and beautiful smile said ‘Yes’.

And the very next day, Jenny was asked to shift to the main building of Whitlocks. And not only this, her new room was given a space for keeping all sorts of books. Mr and Mrs Whitlock arranged college admission for her.

The winter vacations ended. Sid went to his med school while Jenny continued her studies in a local college.

Well… tragedies hurt but love can heal all.

About Shreya Sinha

Shreya Sinha (2001) hails from Bhagalpur, Bihar. She is a poet, writer, author, compiler, speaker and host. She also runs her YouTube Channel under the title of ‘Art of Writing By Shreya Sinha’. Many of her poems and articles were published in college magazines and newspapers. She has contributed to a few anthologies too. She dreams to become an established writer, one day.

[ The “Write and Feature Festival” by Digital Golgappa is a unique initiative to encourage writing talent from across the globe by empowering their words through a wide global reach. The above content was shared as an entry to this festival. Special thanks to The Update India, News Pravesh, Funky News, Yalta News, and Tales That Matter for making this initiative successful. ]


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