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“CEO’s Incredible Test: Taking AK-47 Fire to Prove His Bulletproof Cars Are Unstoppable”


The CEO of a Russian car company recently made headlines when he took shots from an AK-47 to prove that his bulletproof cars really work. The CEO, Dmitry Aksyonov, is the head of the Russian car company, Armata.

The demonstration took place in the city of Tula, located about 100 miles south of Moscow. Aksyonov was seen standing in front of one of his company’s bulletproof cars, wearing a protective vest and helmet. He then proceeded to fire an AK-47 at the car from a distance of about 10 feet.

The demonstration was meant to show that the car was indeed bulletproof. After the shots were fired, Aksyonov opened the car door and showed that the interior was unscathed. He then proceeded to open the hood and show that the engine was also undamaged.

The demonstration was met with a great deal of praise from the crowd that had gathered to watch. Many people were impressed by the CEO’s bravery and the effectiveness of the car’s bulletproofing.

The demonstration was also a great marketing opportunity for Armata. The company has been producing bulletproof cars for several years, but this demonstration was a great way to show potential customers that their cars are indeed effective.

The demonstration also highlighted the importance of bulletproof cars in Russia. The country has seen a rise in violent crime in recent years, and many people feel that bulletproof cars are a necessary precaution.

Armata’s bulletproof cars are not cheap, but they are becoming increasingly popular in Russia. The company has sold over 1,000 cars in the past year, and the demand is only growing.

The demonstration by Aksyonov was a great way to show potential customers that Armata’s cars are indeed effective. It also highlighted the importance of bulletproof cars in Russia, and the growing demand for them. It is clear that Armata is a company to watch in the future.

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