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Book Recommendations for your winter reading sessions – December 2022


The best thing about December is that it is perhaps the cosiest month of the year. With a chill in the weather, we have picked some of the best books that should accompany you with the cup of your favourite beverage.

Our book recommendations for your winter reading sessions – December 2022 are

  • Messiah: Does right win or wrong by Ayesha F Muskaan
  • Never Date Blue-eyed Girl by Samar Deep Singh
  • It is I by Sarah

Let’s take a close look at these masterpieces and the literary gems who wrote them.

Messiah: Does Right Win Or Wrong by Ayesha F Muskaan

Messiah is about how a young village girl dreams beyond her capabilities and  capacity and works hard to achieve them. She is lucky enough to find a life partner who helps her in making her dreams come true. Seema and Aditya’s romance is innocent, unlike other novels it’s not sensuous or erotic. Although certain scenes are romantic and are very lightly sensuous as per today’s date. The author has focused on genuine love. Love with which they fight atrocities of the world.

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About Ayesha F Muskaan

Ayesha F Muskaan (MA English Literature is a well-known published writer from Bangalore India. She contributed her poetry to

Poet’s International Magazine when she was only 19. She has contributed her poetry to three anthologies including Colour My Dreams, We @ 20, and Ecstatic Serenity. She has published two novels, Divine Soul and Messiah, selling like hot cake all over the world. This all accounts for how much she excels in all genres of literature. Recently she is planning to publish a poetry book. She has also volunteered for ‘YFS’ (Youth For Seva) and Amrutha Bindu. Presently she works as a freelance writer for the Newsbreak. Though she has been an epilepsy patient, and has been to ICU 3 times, she has never let epilepsy check her successful journey of education, literature and painting to the destination of her achievements.

Never Date Blue-Eyed Girl by Samar Deep Singh

Superstar Amyra, a gorgeous model-turned actress had an illustrious career in Bollywood. She had reigned for almost half a decade in the industry and portrayed stupendous and spell binding performances on the silver screen.

The stylish hot diva shot to fame more with the controversies than her acting skills in the beginning of her career. With every controversy, her fame and glamour skyrocketed to a new high and she became a paparazzi obsession resulting in being a full-time headliner in every newspaper.

Amyra’s best friend Samar D’Souza, a shrewd successful lawyer acted as a savior in her every controversy and trouble.

Amyra’s acting skills matured as life taught her dark lessons. Her million-dollar smile attracted a huge fan base and the whole world fell in love with her.

The sniper attacks ravaged Bollywood to a halt and utter shock. Amyra faced the sniper attacks with an iron hand and her bold and never-say-die attitude won millions of hearts.

Unfortunately, the dark side of celebrity life took a heavy toll on the actress. 

Enjoy the roller-coaster ride of two friends embarked on a miraculous journey of success defying all odds!

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About Samar Deep Singh

Samar Deep Singh is an Indian novelist and poet. His recent novel ‘How I failed in love’ has created a buzz around the literary circle. His debut novel ‘Five Gifts that shaped my life’ received a warm response and hit the ‘bestseller’ rank multiple times in the Children’s Literature and Fiction category at Amazon. He graduated with B.tech. in Mechanical engineering and he began his career as an engineer in a reputed PSU. Mr. Singh grew up in New Delhi. His notable fiction writing ‘Love Guru Connection’ talks about the ‘web’ of relationships.

He is working on two other titles – ‘Last days of romance’ and ‘Love at the edge of divorce.’ You can connect with the author via the following channels:

 Facebook :  facebook.com/samar deep singh

 Instagram : instagram.com/samar_fiction_master

 E-mail :samar1075@yahoo.com

It is I by Sarah

It Is I, is a work of fiction. A psychological thriller based on the concept of Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID).

This is a quick read. The story is fast paced and keeps the readers enthralled.

Based on the concept of DID, formerly known as Multiple Personality Disorder (MPD) – this book follows the life of a girl named Tiara and how being diagnosed with this mental disorder changes her entire world.

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About Sarah

SaRah holds a Master’s degree in Psychology with a specialization in Organizational Behavior. She has always been fond of reading books and is drawn toward murder mysteries and psychological thrillers. From an award winning Poetess to an Author, she has taken a leap of faith with this book – her very first attempt at a novel.

And while word is still spreading about her novel, she has already received multiple awards for the same.

A few of her important achievements include

-‘Best Debut Author in Thriller Category’ by @gloriousindiamagazine

‘Modern Literary Star of India, 2022’ by @cherrybookawards

-‘Budding Author of the Year’ by @jec.publication

-Sri Aurobindo Indian Literary Award 2022’ by @cherrybookawards and @digitalgolgappa

-Awarded ‘Promising Author’ by Ms. Tisca Chopra at Super Diva Awards 2022 organised by Social Bytes Events and PR Pvt.

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